Data Services


A data service is a component that provides methods to access domain object models from a database by reading them from tables and producing a model or a list of models.

They can also provide methods that produces changes in the database.

Within this framework a data service is a class that implement Inetdev.Data.IDataServices or that inherits from Inetdev.Data.DataServices, for example:

        public class AuditDataServices : DataServices
A complete sample of a data service class can be found here.


A data model will provide the following information related to a database table, this information is provided by their respected properties.

  • The table Schema.
  • An Alias for the table.
  • The table name (through the Table property.
  • A collection of table columns throught the Fields property.

Filtering table data

Table data are filtered from methods within data services, this methods will use the infrastructure provided by the namespace Inetdev.Data.Query to construct query commands in a database agnostic way.

Usage of this infrastructure can be seen in this sample here.