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ArgumentNullOrEmptyException Thrown when a required argument is null or empty.
ConfigurationFinder Provides methods to help find .json configuration files like settings.json.
ConfigurationOptionAttribute Allows to mark a property that is filled with configuration information.
EventNotSupportedException Thrown when trying to access a non-supported event.
FrameworkException This is the root class for application exceptions.
HashExtensions Extension methods for hashing strings and byte arrays.
IListItem Represents an item of a list.
ItemProcessFlag A flag to control the process state of an item.
LanguageExtensions Provides for commons language types.
ListItem Default implementation of IListItem.
Localization Models localization text to be stored.
LocalizationCollection A collection of Localization.
MethodNotSupportedException Thrown when trying to access a non-supported method.
MissingRequiredPropertyException Thrown when a required property was not initialized.
NofMProgressEventArgs Argument for N of M progress report events.
NofMProgressEventHandler Event that reports a process progress as a N of M items.
PercentageProgressEventArgs Argument for percentage progress report events.
PercentageProgressEventHandler Event that reports a process progress as a percentage.
ProcessResult Defines the results for actions or processes taken by applications.
PropertyNotSupportedException Thrown when trying to access a non-supported property.
ResourcesExtensions Provides extension method related to localization resources functionality.
TypeDescriptionAttribute TypeDescriptionAttribute is used for descripting a type for an application UI.
Util Provides utility functions for the framework.


ApplicationContext Interface for the application context.
ApplicationContextRegistration Provides a way to register application context packages and factories.
ContextConfigurationException Thrown when a configuration error is detected.
ContextException The base class for exceptions that are thrown from the application context sub-system.
ContextObjectAssemblyLoadException Thrown the the Assembly of an application context object could not be loaded.
DependencyInjectionException Thrown when an instance of an application context object could not be dependecy injected.
EncryptedFileSystemXmlObjectFactory Implements an IObjectFactory that reads the application context from an encrypted XML file.
FileSystemXmlObjectFactory Implements an IObjectFactory that reads the application context from an XML file.
InstanceCreationException Thrown when an instance of an application context object could not be created.
IObjectFactory Allows the implementation of object factories used to create application context objects.
IPackage Allows the implementation of application software packages.
IRuntimeDependencyInjector Allows the implementation of classes that inject a runtime calculated dependency.
ManifestResourceXmlObjectFactory Implements an IObjectFactory that reads the application context from embedded resources.
NoSuchFactoryException Thrown when a required object factory was not found.
NoSuchObjectException Thrown when an object is required and no definition is found for that object.
NoSuchPackageException Thrown when the required package was not found in the application context.
ObjectFactory Implements a generic IObjectFactory.
ObjectNotOfRequiredTypeException Thrown when an object required is not of the type required.
Package Default software package representation.
PackageAssemblyLoadException Thrown when the assembly for a software package could not be loaded.
PropertyType Defines the type of properties that can be configured for application context objects.
TypeNotFoundException Thrown when a context object type cannot be found into an assembly.


ApplicationContextOptions Application context configuration options.
ConfigurationDocumentService Provides services for load and validate configuration documents.
ObjectConfiguration Configuration of an application context object.
ObjectDelegate Configuration of an object delegate (Event).
ObjectProperty Configuration of an object property.
PackageConfiguration Models the configuration of an application context package.
RuntimeInjectorConfiguration Configuration for a runtime dependency injector.


DiagnosticsConstants Defines constants used for diagnostics
DiagnosticsException Base exception for diagnostics errors.
DiagnosticsExtensions Provides extensions for diagnostics.
EventId Event identification.
ILogger Allows the implementation of a logger.
LogEntry An entry to be logged.
Logger Facade for writing a log entry to one or more trace targets.
LogLevel Defines the level of log entries.
LogTarget Provides tracing services through a set of TraceTargets.
LogWriter This class routes log messages to LogTargets based on categories.
LogWriterFactory Factory to create LogWriter instances.
LogWriterProvider Allows the implementation of an insertion point within applications that creates a LogWriter.


Diagnostics Diagnostics configuration options.
Formatter Allows the configuration of ILogFormatters.
LogTarget Allows the configuration of LogTargets.
TraceTarget Allows the configuration of ITraceTargets.


ILogFormatter Allows the implementation of log formatters.
LogFormatter This base class for LogFormatters implements default funcionality required by a log formatter.
TextLogFormatter Formats a LogEntry to be printed as text.


FlatFileTraceTarget A TraceTarget that writes log messages to text files.
ITraceTarget Allows the implementation of trace targets for writing log entries.
TraceTarget Abstract base class for implementing Trace Targets.


IMessageService Allows the implementation of messaging services.
Message A message to be send by a messaging service.
SendException Thrown by a message service when an error occured while sending a message.
SmtpMessageService Implements an IMessageService that send messages through e-mail.


INavigationProvider Allows the implementation of a provider that returns Navigation objects.
Navigation Models navigation information
NavigationConfigurationException Thown when navigation configuration errors are detected.
NavigationConfigurationService Implements a service that scans the application context packages for navigation configuration and constructs a Navigation model.
NavigationException Thrown when an error occured into de navigation sub-system.
NavigationItem Models an item of the navigation sub-system.
NavigationItemKind Define the diferent kinds of navigation items.
NavigationNotFoundException Thrown when a navigation configuration could'nt be found.
NavigationProvider Default navigation provider.


IParameter Allows the implementation of a class that represents a configuration parameter.
IParameterOptionsProvider Allows the implementation of an option provider for parameter edition.
IParameterProvider Allows the implementation of parameter providers.
IParameterService Allows the implementation of a parameter service.
IParameterStore Allows the implementation of a store for parameters
IParameterTreeNode Allows the implementation of a tree structure for configuration parameters.
IParameterValueValidator Allows the implementation of a class that validates a parameter value.
Parameter Default IParameter implementation.
ParameterConfiguration Defines the configuration of a parameter.
ParameterConfigurationException Thrown when parameter configuration errors are detected.
ParameterConfigurationService Implements a service that scans the application context packages for parameter configuration and construct a parameter configuration tree to by used by a IParameterProvider.
ParameterDoesNotExistException Thrown when a parameter does not exist.
ParameterException This is the base exception for parameter related erros.
ParameterInitializationException Thrown when an error occurs while initializing the parameter infrastructure.
ParameterInjector Allows the application context to inject configuration parameter into context objects.
ParameterProvider Default parameter provider.
ParameterService Default service for getting/setting configuration parameters.
ParameterTreeNode A node of the parameter tree.
ParameterType Defines the supported parameter types.
ParameterValueValidationException Thrown when the value for a parameter is not valid.
StaticParameterOptionsProvider Implements an IParameterOptionsProvider that reads the options from the parameter Xml configuration document. To configure, add
WrongParameterTypeException Thrown when requested a wrong type for a particular parameter.


BagAttribute Marks a class as a PropertyBag.
IPropertyBag A marker interface for property bag objects.
PropertyAttribute Marks a property as a property bag property.
PropertyDataType Defines the data types for properties.


IRoleProvider Allows the implementation of a provider that return application Roles.
PrincipalExtensions Extensión for principal an identity.
Role A Role definition for privileges assignment.
SecurityException This is the framework root class for security exceptions.
SecurityHelpers Provides generic methods for security.


AsymmetricCryptographer Asymmetric cryptographic utilities.
AsymmetricKeyNotFoundException Thrown when an asymmetric key could not fe found.
Cryptographer Facade which exposes common cryptography uses.
CryptographyException Thrown when an error occured during a cryptographic operation.
CryptographyUtility Common cryptography methods.
DefaultSymmetricKeyGenerator Creates a key for the SymmetricCryptographer that use an initializator vector of 16 bytes and a key of 32 bytes based on two provided keys.
FileSystemAsymmetricKeyStore An IAsymmetricKeyStore that read the key from the file system.
HashCryptographer A hash provider for any hash algorithm which derives from HashAlgorithm.
HashProviderFactory HashProviderFactory implements a class factory for hash providers.
IAsymmetricKeyStore Allows implementation of a store for asymmetric keys.
IHashProvider A contract for any provider for hash implementations.
IKeyGenerator IKeyGenerator allows the implementation of classes that generates encryption keys for symmetric algorithm.
ISymmetricProvider A contract for any provider for symmetric cryptographic implementations.
RsaKey Models a RSA key for serialization.
RsaKeyContractResolver Contract resolverd for serializing RSA keys.
SymmetricCryptographer Represents basic cryptography services for a SymmetricAlgorithm.
SymmetricKeyNotFoundException Thrown when the required symmetric key was not found.
SymmetricProviderFactory SymmetricProviderFactory implements a class factory for symmetric cryptographers.


CryptographyOptions Cryptography configuration options.


DictionaryToken Formats a dictionary token by iterating through the dictionary and display de key and value for each entry.
TokenFunction Provides default algorithm for cutting and formatting tokens