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ApplicationContextExtensions Extensions for the ApplicationContextExtensions.
BagService A service that provides property bag data.
IntegerNumerator Implements an INumerator based on a numerator table.
ITenant Allows implementation of tenants.
ITenantProvider Allows the implementation of tenant providers.
MissingPartitionKeyException Thrown when the partition key is missing.
MultitenancyConstants Provides constants for configuring multi-tenancy applications.
MultitenancyExtensions Extensions for multi-tenant applications.
MultitenantDataServices Implements IDataServices fro multi-tenant environments.
NoTenantInContextException Thrown when the tenant information is not found within the application context.
Parameter The Parameter domain object model.
ParameterDataServices Provides data services for the a multi-tenant parameter table.
ParameterStore Implements an IParameterStore that uses a Parameter domain object model to save and retrieve parameter values.
PropertyBagItem PropertyBagItem implements a data model for property that belongs to a property bag.
PropertyBagItemDataServices Provides data services for the a multi-tenant property bag table.
ProvisionState Defines provicion state for tenant.
SubscriptionState State of a tenant subscription.
TableNumerator TableNumerator implements a data model for a numerator table used to sequentialy numerate objects.
TableNumeratorDataServices Provides data services for the a multi-tenant numerator table.
TenantGuidIdentity An IIdentity that generates the identity by concatenating the partition key with a newly generated Guid.
TenantIdRuntimeDependencyInjector A IRuntimeDependencyInjector that injects the Id property of the tenant within the application context.
TenantProvider Implements an ITenantProvider based on the Tenant model.
UserFilter The UserFilter domain object model.
UserFilterDataServices Provides data services for the T_USER_FILTER table.
UserFilterStore Provides storage services for user filter.


DatabaseServer DatabaseServer implements a data model for a database server information.
DatabaseServerDataServices DatabaseServerDataServices implements the data services for the TenantStore.DBSERVER table.
DatabaseServerNotFoundException Thrown when a database server was not found.
MailServer MailServer implements a data model for mail servers configuration.
MailServerDataServices MailServerDataServices implements the data services for the TenantStore.MAILSERVER table.
MailServerNotFoundException Thrown when a mail server was not found.
Tenant Tenant implements a data model for tenants information.
TenantDataServices TenantDataServices implements the data services for the TenantStore.TENANT table.
TenantNotFoundException Thrown when a tenant is not found.