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AbstractDbAccess Abstract base class for implementator of IDbAccess
AbstractDbCmdBuilder Abstract base class implementation of IDbCmdBuilder.
AbstractDbFormatter Generic base class that implements IDbFormatter
AbstractDbNameQualifier AbstractDbNameQualifier is the base class for those classes that provides the functionality of construct full qualified names for database objects.
AfterEraseEventHandler The AfterErase event handler delegate.
AfterSaveEventHandler The AfterSave event handler delegate.
ApplicationContextExtensions Extends the application context.
AuditingException Thrown when an auditing process fails or cannot be completed successfully.
AutomaticType Application supported automatic field types
BeforeEraseEventHandler The BeforeErase event handler delegate.
BeforeSaveEventHandler The BeforeSave event handler delegate.
BinaryAttachment Allows the storing of files into a database.
BinaryAttachmentFormatException Thrown when a byte array could not be deserialized into a BinaryAttachment.
CatalogNotFoundException Thrown when the database catalog is not found.
ColumnPropertyMappings A collection that maps database column names to data model object property names.
CommonExtensions Provides commonly used extensions.
ComparisonOperator Data comparison operators.
ConcurrectActionMissedException Thrown when a UPDATE or DELETE does not affect the expected record because the concurrency WHERE predicate did not match.
ConcurrencyMode The mode for checking concurrency.
ConstraintViolationException Thrown the a database constraint is violated by a data modification command.
CredentialsExpiredException Thrown when the password of the database connection user has expired.
DataAccessException Thrown when an error occurred and the system is not able to identify it accuratly.
DataAction Enumerates the available data actions to be execute on data model objects.
DatabaseObjectNotFoundException Thrown when a database object as a table, view, field, etc. specified in a SQL query does not exist.
DatabaseOperationNotSupportedException Thrown when a database operation is not supported.
DataModel DataModel is an abstract base class for data model objects.
DataModelCmdBuilder DataModelCmdBuilder is an abstract base class for those that implements the functionality of building database commands based on domain data objects.
DataModelEraseEventArgs DataModelEraseEventArgs contains event data for events related to the Erase method.
DataModelHelper Provides helper methods to work with data models.
DataModelSaveEventArgs DataModelEraseEventArgs contains event data for events related to the Save method.
DataProperty DataProperty implements IDataProperty as an Attribute, and it's the base class for those that implements specific data property functionality.
DataServiceOperationNotSupportedException This exception is thrown when the data model object passed to an operation is not valid or supported for that operation.
DataServices This is the base clase for DataService classes that implements IDataServices.
DbError Represents an error or informational message from a database engine.
DbType Application supported data types
DecimalDataProperty DecimalDataProperty implements a data property attribute for a decimal data property.
DefaultStringToDbTypeConverter Implements a defautl conversión of string to a type.
DuplicatedPrimaryKeyException DuplicatedPrimaryKeyException is thrown when a data modification command violates a primary key or unique index constraint.
EmailTextDataProperty EmailTextDataProperty implements a data property attribute for a text data property that validates as an email.
Field Represents the definition of a table field.
FieldNotFoundException Thrown when no Field is found for a data model property.
FloatDataProperty FloatDataProperty implements a data property attribute for a float data property.
GenericDataProperty GenericDataProperty implements an attribute for a generic data property.
GuidIdentity GuidIdentity generates a Guid identity field data.
IAttachment Allows the implementation of wrappers for store files into database fields.
IConnectionStringBuilder Allows the implementation of classes that builds connection strings.
IDataModel Allows the implementation of domain model objects.
IDataModelAuditor Allows implementing classes to log data modifications.
IDataModelCmdBuilder Allows the implementation of database command builders that are based of data model objects.
IDataModelValidator Allows the validation of data model objects.
IDataProperty Allows the implementation of classes that defines data properties.
IDataServices Allows implementation data services for domain models.
IDbAccess Allows the implementation of database access.
IDbCmdBuilder Allows the implementation of Command Builders for specific database engine.
IDbFormatter Allows implementers to provide SQL queries formatting capabilities.
IDbNameQualifier Allows the implementation of qualifiers that provides full database object names.
IDbStatementPreparer Allows the implementation of classes that prepares statements to be issued to database engines.
Identification Identification models the information for identify an object.
IDescriptiveDataModel Allows the implementation of a descriptive object. A descriptive object is an object that has a code or ID and a name or description, used to typify another object or objects.
IIdentifiable Allows the implementation of classes that can be identified in a consistent manner from other classes.
IIdentity Allows the implementation of Identity generation.
InfoMessageEventArgs Provides data for the Inetdev.Data.IDbAccess.InfoMessage event.
InfoMessageEventHandler Represents the method that will be handle the Inetdev.Data.IDbAccess.InfoMessage event.
IntegerDataProperty IntegerDataProperty implements a data property attribute for an integer data property.
INumerator Allows the implementation of numerators.
InvalidCharactersException hrown when invalid characters has been detected for a text property.
InvalidCredentialsException Thrown when the credentials for the database server are invalid.
InvalidDataActionException Thrown when the DataAction is not valid for the executed operation.
InvalidEmailException Thrown when an e-mail property does not contains a valid e-mail address.
InvalidNumericLengthException Thrown when a numeric value does not conform to the maximum length of integers and decimals digits.
InvalidPrimaryKeyException Thrown when a primary key property contains invalid data.
InvalidTextLengthException Thrown when a text property has an invalid length of characters.
ISecuredDataModel Allows the implementation of data model that can be securely audited.
ISequencer Allows the implementation of sequencers.
IStringToDbTypeConverter Allows the convertion of string to a specified data type.
MissingMandatoryPropertyException Thrown when a mandatory property is missing.
MissingWhereClauseException Thrown when no where clause is provided for and update or delete command.
NotFoundException This is a base class for throwing not found exceptions.
OpenConnectionException Thrown when an error occured while opening a database connection.
OpenedConnectionRequiredException Thrown when an opened connection if required for the operation and the connection is closed.
ParentNavigationalPropertyAttribute Allows to mark a property that will contains the parent object.
PartitionKeyAttribute Marks a property as the multi-tenant partition key.
PrimaryKeyTextDataProperty PrimaryKeyTextDataProperty implements a data property attribute for a text data property that validates as a primary key.
PropertyFieldNotFoundException Thrown when a property backing field is not found.
PropertyOutOfRangeException Thrown when a numeric property is out of range.
ProtectionType Types of protections applied to data properties
QueryBuilderException Generic query building exception
RelationalOperator Represents a relation between predicates.
SchemaManipulationException This is the base class for exceptions that reports error while manipulatind tha database schema.
ServerUnavailableException Thrown when the database server is not available.
TextDataProperty TextDataProperty implements a data property attribute for a text data property.
TextGuidIdentity TextGuidIdentity generates a Guid identity field data as a string.
TimestampKind Defines usable kinds of timestamp fields.
TransactionRequiredException Thrown when there is no active transaction and one is required.
UnableToSetDataPropertyValueException Thrown when a property value cannot be setted.
UntrustedDatabaseServerCertificateException Thrown when open a connection using an encrypted channel and the server certificated is untrust.
ValidationException This is the base class for validation exception that are thrown when data inside data model objects is invalid.


DescriptiveDataModelDescriptor Models the information for building a dynamic user interface for IDescriptiveDataModel types.
EmailAttribute EmailAttribute is a validation attribute used to validate e-mail addresses.
TextControlDescriptor Models the information required for building a simple text control into a user interface.


AbstractViewBuilder Implements the basic functionality of an IViewBuilder.
Catalog Models the information of a Catalog or Database.
ColumnConstraint Models a column constraint.
ColumnConstraintCollection A collection of ColumnConstraints.
ConstraintType Types of constraint that can be apply to columns.
DatabaseObjectDuplicatedException Thrown when a database object cannot be created because another with the same name exists.
DatabaseObjectKindom Enumerates the kindom of database objects.
Direction Direction for key creation.
DSCException Base exception for schema DSC.
ForeignKey Models a foreign key
ForeignKeyCollection A collection of ForeignKeys.
ForeignKeyColumn Models a foreign key column.
ForeignKeyColumnCollection A collection of ForeignKeyColumn.
Grant Models a grant statement to be executed.
Index Models an index.
IndexCollection A collection of Indexes.
IndexColumn Models an index column.
IndexColumnCollection A collection of IndexColumns.
IndexType IndexType defines index types.
ISchemaDiscoverer Allows the implementation of code that discover a database schema.
ISchemaProvisioner Allows the implementation of a provisiones that provision schema objects for databases.
ITableComparisonService Allows the implementation of a service that compares tables.
ITableConfiguration Allows the implementation of classes that return the configuration of a database Table.
IViewBuilder Allows the implementation of database agnostinc builders that builds the text of a view.
MissActionForColumnConstraint Models the action to be executed when a column constraint has a configuration miss.
MissActionForForeignKey Models the action to be executed when a foreign key has a configuration miss.
MissActionForIndex Models the action to be executed when an index has a configuration miss.
MissActionForTableColumn Models the action to be executed when a table column has a configuration miss.
MissActionType Defines the type of action to execute when the configuration missed the desired.
Permission Permissions that can be granted to database objects.
ReferentialAction ReferentialAction defines the referential actions for foreign keys.
Schema Models a database schema u owner.
SchemaCollection A collection of Schemas.
Sequence Models a sequence configuration.
Table Models a database table or view.
TableCollection A collection of Tables.
TableColumn Models the information of a table column.
TableColumnCollection A collection of TableColumn items.
TableComparisonMissResultType Typification of a miss result of a table comparison.
TableComparisonResult Models the result of a table configuration comparison.
TableName Models the name of a table or view.
TableOrViewNotFoundException Thrown when a table or view is not found.
View Models a database view.


InvalidTermColumnNameException Thrown when a Term column does not exists within the Fields collection.
Listing Models the result of a filter operation used for list data on pages.
Listing Models the result of a filter operation used for list data on pages.
MatchKind Term matching kind.
PageInfo Page information of a paged listing.
StaticTerm A filter term that must always be applied while retriving data.
Term Filter term.
TermOperator Operator for filtering data based on user terms.


AddingSelectColumnEventArgs AddingSelectColumnEventArgs allows the processing of the event of adding columns to a SELECT statement.
AddingSelectColumnEventHandler The AddingSelectColumnEventHandler delegate.
AutonumericColumn AutonumericColumn represents a column for an autonumeric field.
BaseCmdBuilder BaseCmdBuilder implements the basic functionality for command builders bases on Statement objects.
BetweenPredicate Represents a predicates for the BETWEEN SQL operator.
CoalesceColumn Defines a column that is decorated with a coalesce function
Column Represents a column of a statement.
ConstantColumn Defines a constant column
ConvertColumn Defines a decoration that converts one type into another
DecoratedColumn Defines a column with a decoration option
DecorationType Decoration type that applies to select columns
DeleteStatement DeleteStatement allows the construction of SQL DELETE statements.
ExistsPredicate Represents a condition predicate for the EXISTS keyword.
ICmdBuilder ICmdBuilder allows implementation of command builders base on Statement objects.
IColumn Allows the definition of colum objects.
InsertColumnNotSupportedException Thrown when an insert column type is not supported.
InsertSelectStatement InsertSelectStatement allows the construction of INSERT/SELECT statements.
InsertStatement InsertStatement allows the construction of INSERT statement.
InvalidSimplePredicateValueException Thrown when the value for a SimplePredicare is not of a valid type
Modifier Modifier is the base class for Modifier classes.
NoSelectColumnsException Thrown when no select columns have been specified
NoSetColumnsException Thrown when no SET columns where provided for an UPDATE statement.
Order Models the information for ordering.
OrderColumn Represents a column for the ORDER BY clause.
Predicate Abstract base class for classes that implement predicates
PredicateColumn A column to be used on predicates
Relation Represents a relation between two data repositories
RelationType Types of relations between tables or views
Repository Repository represents a data table or view.
ScopeModifier Represents a scope modifier for a SELECT clause.
ScopeType Define the scopes for diferentes query options
SearchCondition Represents a search condition for a WHERE or HAVING clause
SelectStatement SelectStatement allows the construction of SQL SELECT statements.
SetColumn Defines a set column for an update statement
SimplePredicate Represents a simple predicate for a filter condition
SortDirection SQL order by clause order direction
Statement Statement is an abstract base class for all statement classes.
StatementNotSupportedException Thrown when a SqlBuilder is not supported and cannot be processed.
TopModifier Represents a TOP modifier for a SELECT clause
TruncateStatement TruncateStatement allows the construction of SQL TRUNCATE statements.
UpdateStatement UpdateStatement allows the construction of SQL UPDATE statements.